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  • Stream Practice

  • Lists and Arrays Practice

    Copyright to whomever owns it. I just provide my solutions to them.

  • Write Once Post Twice

    Since my Jekyll site becomes more and more complicated, the loading time becomes an issue. So I created a lite version of my blog reserving most of its content while reducing as much unnecessary element as possible. I miss how fast stock Jekyll compiles!!!

  • Command Archive

    So many commands to remember and Google… Might as well create an archive for them~

    For now it covers SSH, processes, MySQL, screen, GPG, Anaconda.

  • Configure Jekyll on Windows (Chinese 在Windows上配置Jekyll环境)


  • MySQL Cheatsheet

    In development of @soc_locker_bot, I had to use a lot of MySQL query commands. So I’d put them here for future reference^^

  • Introduction to Promises

    unfinished post

    I decided to write a Telegram Bot using NodeJS, but nearly every library I use are async. It seems I have to learn some promises…

  • Learn Julia In a C-style

    Since Julia is a language as performant as C and developer-friendly as Python, why not learn to write Julia code in respective styles?

  • CS1101S EV3 Programs

    This is a collection of EV3 programs hosted on GitHub Gist.

  • A glimpse at lambda calculus

    Problem Description

    In the 2015 CS1101S mid-term quiz, it asks whether the following functions exhaust time and/or space resources.

    const C = (x => x(x))(x => x(x));
    const D = (x => (x(x))(x))(x => x(x));
    const E = (x => x(x(x)))(x => x(x));
    const F = (x => x(x))(x => x(x(x)));
  • Cryptic Recursion


    ((function(f){return f(f);})(
            return function(n){
                return (n===0) ? 1 : n * make_factorial(make_factorial)(n-1);
  • Introduction to Markdown (Chinese)

    This post introduces you to the basics of our powerful yet easy-to-use Markdown language. 这篇文章介绍了强大易用的Markdown语言的基础使用方法。

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